Is My Mole Cancerous?

While botox is gaining popularity as a form of anti-wrinkle treatment, there are some kinds of wrinkles that botox is not effective for. Botox targets muscles in the face and paralyzes them, reducing the creases created by those muscles. If the wrinkles are not caused by muscular contraction, then botox is going to be ineffective at treating them. For those kinds of wrinkles, a number of other treatments are indicated, most notably injectables or dermal fillers.

#1. What Dermal Fillers Can Fix that Botox Can’t

Botox cannot fix wrinkles associated with gravity or sun damage. Both of these cause deep wrinkles in the face and the purpose of botox is to paralyze muscles involved in creating creases in the first place. Botox is generally used around the eyes and mouth as it is very effective for getting rid of wrinkle lines like crow’s feet. Dermal fillers are an injectable form of treatment made of a synthetic collagen that is used to restore fullness to the face or lips. This naturally gets rid of wrinkles or sunken features by puffing out the areas that are affected. It is thus more effective for areas of the face that botox would generally not work well for.

Injectables are used to fix:

* The deep creases that run between the nose and the mouth (laugh lines)

* Thin lips and lines that run around the edges of the lips.

* Depressions that run around the eyes, (hollow or sunken eyes)

* Filling out cheeks to enhance the shape

* Evening out scars created by severe acne, chicken pox, or other trauma to the skin

* Gaunt looking cheeks and temple area that occurs when fat pads shift through the aging process

#2. Different Kinds of Injectables

There are generally two different kinds of injectables, synthetic and natural. While there is a decreased risk of allergic reaction with natural fillers, synthetic fillers tend to last much longer, since natural fillers are reabsorbed by the body. Most patients who opt for natural fillers will need to have the filler readministered within the first year.

Synthetic fillers are basically permanent. They will never be reabsorbed by the body.

One of the risks with injectables is that the filler may migrate or clump. If natural fillers are used, the problem can correct itself. If synthetic injectables are used, then the problem must be corrected by the plastic surgeon who performed the procedure.

“Injectables are tricky because there are a lot of variables involved,” says one surgeon from Fort Collins. “It’s best to find a doctor that has years of experience under their belt, and understands the risks with Resources various sites skin types, and is skilled at positioning the filler correctly. This is definitely not something you want to have done in Mexico for 50% off.”

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